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Private Tours

Are you looking for a personalized tour of Costa Rica? If so, then I am your man! I offer private tours to meet your requirements. One-on-one tours for individuals, couples, familes and small groups. I guarantee a pleasant and joyous experience no matter if it's one person touring or forty people. You will feel safe and at home with me while on your tropical adventure.

Group Tours

If you are traveling to Costa Rica in a group, I can help you in ensuring that your vacation is everything you dream it will be. I specialize in acommodating groups of all sizes. I arrange and accompany groups of all sizes on many comprehensive, high-quality escorted tours to many of the most exotic and popular destinations in Costa Rica.

How big is too big? - no such thing! To date I have not had a group that has been too large for me to cope with. The quality and standard of service is guaranteed. Years of experience has allowed me to craft my unique, personalized service to provide you with the best possible vacation experience. If your group would like to split up and take part in different activities I can accomodate this too with my hand picked, first class team of tour guides who will assist me in ensuring that all of your needs are taken care of. When I send any of my clients with another tour guide, I send them with the guarantee that they will receive the exact high standard of service that I ensure all of my guests receive.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.